Streamline Mini and Micro ( 1,600+ icons)

Streamline Mini and Micro ( 1,600+ icons)

💻 1,600+ icons to build interfaces – Beta

We have added 2 new Streamline families to the Streamline app for free:

  • Streamline Mini, based on a 14 px grid (900+ icons)
  • Streamnline Micro, based on a 10 px grid (800+ icons)
  • Both families are available in "Line" and "Bold" style
  • They share a minimal, highly legible style including all essential icons for interface design. They can be used at very small size, and are perfect for including in buttons, narrow side menus or directly inserted inline in texts.
  • Streamline customers can use them for free for a few weeks, but they will become paying soon.


🤔 Are the "Mini" and "Micro" families part of the Streamline Icons pack I've already bought?

  • They are not part of the current Streamline pack.
  • They will be launched later as extra families that require a purchase.

💸 Will I get a discount as a Streamline customer?

Yes! We always reward our loyal customers when we launch a new product :-) When we will launch the "Mini" and "Micro" families, we will give you a great discount. You will receive an email on launching day.

⬇️ Can I download all the icons as a .zip file?

Not yet. But when we will launch the final premium version, customers will be able to download all icons as a .zip file that contains:

  • All icons as unique SVG files, organized per categories in folders
  • Iconjar files with multiple tags for each icon

🤑 Can I use them for commercial projects?

Yes! You can fully use them now for free, as a reward to you as a Streamline customer 🙏🏻

I couldn't wait to share these new icons with you and see them at use, so for a few weeks until the launch you can use them, even for commercial projects. ✌️

💪 Will you add more icons to the "Mini" and "Micro" families?

Damn! You never got enough icons, do you? 😋

  • We will add more icons in the next months, carefully listening to your feedback.
  • But we will add only a few hundred icons. We will never reach 10,000 icons, like the other Streamline families. The "Mini" and "Micro" families are made from the most common and essential icons used in interface, so you won't find themes like "Ecology", "Pets" or "Sports"... Plus, they are so minimal that it;s difficult to represent complex subjects.