Licenses FAQ

What is a licensed user?

By "licensed users" we mean employees who get access to the full pack sources and can use all icons. These employees can be part of the company, or of an external agency that work on your projects. These licensed users can prepare a selection of icons, up to 100, forwarded to other employees.Other employees using this icon selection, like developers or designers, are not considered as licensed users, so there is no limitations on their number.

How do you define an application user?

If you use more than 100 icons, you need an "Unlimited Icons" extended license, which limit the number of users of your application to 100,000 users.

A user is someone who need to login to your application or website. It’s different from a visitor, who doesn't need to login. There is no limitation on the number of visitors, only on the number of users that need to login to your app, and get access to our icons.

The 100,000 users limit is for the “active users", who logged at least one time in the past 6 months. You should be able to measure how many users you have by checking in your database to see how many users logged in the past 6 months.

Can I add the icons on our intranet, graphic assets library or corporate Dropbox?

Yes, you can add the Streamline icons on your intranet, graphic assets library, Dropbox, or any other internal sharing solution as long as no more than 5 users access these shared assets. If you have more than 5 users, you need to get an extended license that fit the number of users.

Can I use more than 100 icons in a company library or corporate template?

If you include icons in a company library, then the library is considered as a project, because it gives access to more than 5 users to the icons. So you cannot use more than 100 icons in this library with the standard license.

That would be the same for corporate templates, like a Powerpoint template. You cannot include more than 100 icons in it.

Can I include the icons in my open source project?

You can include them, as long as: - You use less than 100 icons - You specify in the license terms that these icons are not open source, and can be used only for this open source project

Does each of the 100 icons limit include all weights?

With the standard license, you can use up to 100 icons per project. Weights don't count towards the total. So you can use up to 100 icons * 3 weights = 300 icons.

Can I use the icons in a template?

✅ You can use our icons in a template that you sell on marketplaces like Themeforest, Creative Market, Shutterstock, Envato, etc. It's allowed by the Standard license 👌

✅ You can add icons in your template as source files, like unique SVG for each icon, or grouped in a Sketch file for example.

❌ But you cannot use more than 100 icons per template. Note that there is no extended license to use more than 100 icons in a template.

Am I allowed to modify the icons?

Absolutely! We even encourage you to modify them to better fit your needs :-) That's why we make our icons easy to tweak, with the smallest number of points and the cleanest vector paths. 

However: - You are not allowed to resell these icons, even if you modified them - You cannot use more than 100 modified Streamline icons per project