Free Trial restrictions

When you subscribe to a free trial, for a period of 5 days, you are allowed to use our vectors for testing purposes, but not use them for commercial or real professional uses.

This is a legal agreement between you, the Customer, and the Licensor Webalys LLC.

Webalys LLC is the company that has created the Streamline Icons, Illustrations and Emoji for personal and commercial use. Trying the Streamline icons or illustrations constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

1- What you can do while on Subscription trial:

✅ Download and use our vector assets for testing purpose in your projects.

2- Licenses limitations

After the trial ends, you must remove the vector assets from your projects if you don't pay for the subscription. If you pay for the subscription, you can continue to use these assets in your projects.

3- Customers are not allowed to:

  • Sell or redistribute our assets.
  • Modify their original design/artwork so as to render them unrecognizable from their original state with the goal to resell them.

4- Remove the trial restrictions ⭐️

By paying for the subscriptions, after your trial period ends, you will lift all the trial restrictions. See the Premium Subscription license for more info

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