Frequently asked questions

Is my subscription recurring?

Yes. You can access your account settings page to cancel your subscription and you will not be charged in the next billing cycle. Any assets used during your subscription have a lifetime license so you can use them forever 😇

Do I need to give attribution?

Only free plan and trial users need to attribute to us. You can do so by linking to If you cannot add it next to the image, you can place it in the footer of your website, blog or newsletter. Learn more here

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime by visiting ‘my account’ page. You can still use all the premium features until the end of your current billing cycle. But you must remove all the premium assets used in your projects during the 5 day trial.

Can I stop the auto-renewal?

Yes. After your subscription started, you can stop the subscription at any moment. Even if you cancel the subscription, You can still use all the premium features until the end of your current billing cycle. For example, you pay for a one-year subscription and cancel the subscription just after the subscription starts. You can still use all the premium features for one year, and your subscription won't be auto-renewed.

I've already bought the Streamline Icons 3.0, what happens if I cancel a subscription?

If you subscribe to our new Streamline 4.0 plans, you will get access to all our new assets. Upon cancelling, you will return to your one-time purchase license. But you will lose access to all new Streamline 4.0 assets.

How can I add more users?

You will have the option to buy more seats at the checkout screen. You may want to buy more seats for your team or if you need more than 100 assets per day.

What is the scope of plugins and NPM packages in the paid plan?

You can only drop in low-res PNGs into your figma or sketch file. Subscribe to drop high-res PNGs and vector files directly in figma/sketch. NPM packages are only available to premium plan subscribers.

Is there a fair usage policy applied to all Streamline plans?

Yes, which means our platform detects bots, rapid multiple downloads, and unfair use of subscriptions. By default your account is limited to download 100 assets a day, should you need more assets for your project, you can write to us at Free plans have even lower limits.

Will I get the future icon/illustrations published?

As long as you stay subscribed, you will get all new assets and new sets published for the assets you subscribed (icons, illustrations, or both if you subscribed to the 'Super Bundle').

Does the license also cover my clients?

Yes, as long as you less than 50 illustrations or 100 icons in your customer project, they are covered and don't need to buy their own license.

Are the NPM packages included in the subscription?

Yes, you also get access to all the NPM features and use vectors for the assets you subscribed (icons, illustrations, or both if you subscribed to the 'Super Bundle').

Can I use downloaded icons or illustrations to create work for a client?

Absolutely! No attribution is needed on a paid plan. But the free plan requires you to link to our website. If you downloaded premium assets during the free trial but never paid for a subscription, then you are not allowed to use them.

Can I use the icons for all my projects?

You can use the assets for an unlimited number of projects, as long as you don't use more than 100 icons or 50 illustrations per project.

If you need to use more that this number of assets in your projects, you must upgrade to our extended licenses.

Do you restrict features in a free trial?

You are limited to downloading 25 vector assets/day during the free trial. But you have access to all our assets and advanced features during this period.

These assets are only for testing purposes so you cannot use them for your actual projects without ever paying for a subscription.

How many users can use the Streamline app after I've subscribed?

By default, only one user. But you can always add more users during the checkout process or through your account pages.

Can I purchase only one set?

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase only on set. Our design teams keep you updated with fresh & thoughtfully-designed vectors so you aren't stuck with only one set.

Can I continue to use the vector assets after I canceled the subscription?

Yes, it's a lifetime license for assets already included in your projects. After you download our vector assets, you can keep them forever in your projects.

Special note for users on the Free Trial: You cannot continue to use the vector assets if you downloaded them during our 5 day trial and never paid for a subscription.

What is your refund policy?

No refund, as there is a 5-days free trial that gives you a lot of time to try the product and cancel should you not like it.

Do you offer team management?

Not yet. For now, you will have to share your email/password with teammates in case your bought extra seats (as by default subscriptions comes with only one seat)

We plan in the future to give you the possibility to create individual sub-account for other team members, with their own credentials.

Do you offer any discounted plans?

We rarely offer discounts, as we already price very fairly our Streamline assets and subscriptions.

Will I get an invoice after my purchase?

Yes. After your purchase you can access the Stripe Portal from your account page on the Streamline app. The Stripe portal give you access to all the invoices and you can download or print them.

Does the license include distribution rights for apps?

Yes. As long as you include less than 100 icons or 50 illustrations per app.

If you need more contact me to buy an extended license and increase the icons/illustrations allowance.

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