How to create an icon font?

Is there a Streamline icon font?

Unfortunately, we don't provide a Streamline icon font.The reason is that with over 10,000 icons per weight the icon font would be huge, and hard to use 🤯Honestly, the icon fonts are a bit obsolete now, and we are giving priority to a version of our icons as NPM packages (for React, Angular, etc.). I think it's a more modern approach for an efficient workflow and better website performances.We plan to have these NPM packages released early 2020.

Can I create my own Icon Font?

Sure! I recommend this workflow:

  • Use our Streamline Application or Iconjar to search and select icons that you want to use, then export them as SVG in a folder. All my icons are now also provided as iconjar files, and each icon is tagged with up to 8 tags, so it’s very easy to find the right icon.
  • After you have selected your SVG icons, import them in Icomoon. You can create your own icon font in minutes, and you will have a very lightweight and tailored icon font.

Even better, use Icomoon to export the icons as SVG sprites. This is a better approach than using icon font, see why here: Icon Fonts vs SVGs - Which One Should You Use In 2018?

How to import files in an iconfont/SVG sprite generator?

To import icons in an icon font generator, like Icomoon, use the “expanded” version, that you can find here for the line version:


You don’t need a special version for the Bold version, as it’s expanded by default.

Do I need a license for creating an icon font?

You don’t need a license to create an icon font, as long as you include less than 100 icons in that font.

What is the difference between SVG and SVG Expanded files?

We provide each icon SVG in 2 SVG version files:

  • SVG with adjustable stroke width. You can control the line thickness via CSS values.
  • SVG Expanded. Mainly for creating icon fonts with generators like Icomoon. These icons are not made from lines, but are “expanded” into filled forms.

I already have Font Awesome, why should I use Streamline icons?

Font Awesome is amazing 👍🏻 They have great tools and workflow for developers. Although it’s good to have an icon library with a different style (and a ton more icons :-)

Font Awesome get only 1,877 icons, where Streamline icons got 10,500. With our icon library you won’t need to scout around to find a missing icon.

Only Streamline got strokes that you can change thickness, so you can adjust the thickness of our icons. Font Awesome icons are expanded, you have no way to modify their thickness.

You should have both. It’s like having different typefaces available on your computer 😇