Roadmap for 2021 - Streamline

New Illustration set – Brooklyn (1,100 illustrations - One style)
Download multiple icons with multi-selection in app
New Emoji set – 1,750+ Emoji
New Illustration set – "Noir" (600 illustrations - One style)
New Illustrations set - Breezy (600 illustration - One style)
✅ New icon set: Freehand icons (10,000 icons – One style)
✅ New icon set: Streamline Icons Multicolor (10,000 icons – One style)
Yearly subscription to get regular update of Streamline icons + Plugins, Desktop App , NPM package use
Purchase icons and illustrations inside the Streamline App
Copy/Paste icons as PNG
⚡️ Performances improvement for displaying icons and illustrations faster
DSP Package for VS Code
🧰 Plugin - Sketch
Customers can change multiple colors on illustrations
🧰 Plugin - Figma
📦 NPM Packages - Angular
📦 NPM Package - Vue.js
📦 NPM Packages - React
Click on a tag to display similar icons
👁️ Improved interface
👁️ Home page listing all sets
🎨Custom colors for changing icon colors
✅ New sets: Mini + Micro icons (1,800 icons - Free during Beta)
✅ New free set: Election 2020
New illustration set - Streamline UX (10,000 illustrations – Three styles)
In progress
🧰 Plugin - Adobe XD
Showing last additions and updates for each icon/illustration set
Users can create a "Favorite" category and add icons to it
🖥️ Desktop app for MacOS + Windows
Customers can change stroke width
Planned for next months
🧰 Plugin - Powerpoint
⚙️API to connect Streamline Icons to applications, DAM, etc.
Option to download icons as "expanded/outline" vectors.
👁 Clickable category name on search results, for example a user can click on "Business" category in the results page.
To review
👤Users features for companies: allows a master user to attribute licenses to sub-accounts.
Manually add and improve tags on all icons to get better search results
🙋‍♂️Add a feedback tool, to listen to users suggestions
✅ Streamline Icons – Adding hundred of new & improved icons for customers
Later this year...
👁Rotate/flip an icon in edition mode
❤️Users can create list of icons with global settings: color, size, file type.
👁 Users can change the icon background
Maybe this year?
⬇️Export selection of icons as a .zip file
Optimize downloaded SVG files by create compound paths
Export icon as EMF files
Reference an icon by its full URL path (useful to share with team or customers)
🔎 Display Option. User can croup search results by categories.
Maybe one day?
plugin for Wordpress/Elementor
✨ User can change symbols on an icon or illustration