Streamline Premium License

When you subscribe to our Premium subscriptions, you own a royalty free license that allows you to use our vector assets in an unlimited number of projects without crediting us. It gives you access to all vectors assets and features of our Streamline application. Depending of your subscription plan, you can get access to our vector icons, vector illustrations or both type of assets.

This is a legal agreement between you, the Customer, and the Licensor Webalys LLC.

Webalys LLC is the company that has created the Streamline Icons, Illustrations and Emojis for personal and commercial use. In exchange for the purchase, Webalys LLC grants the Customer a license under the copyrights to use Streamline assets as described below. Purchasing the Streamline icons or illustrations constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

1- You can use the Streamline assets you subscribed to for:

✅ An unlimited number of commercial or personal projects.

✅ An unlimited number of users for the applications, websites, software you will build using the Streamline icons , as long as you use less than 50 illustrations or 100 icons per project.

✅ Any type of projects: templates, website design, application design… even logos!

✅ For yourself or on behalf of a client. You can use the Streamline assets for an unlimited number of clients, as long as you use less than than 50 illustrations or 100 icons per project.

✅ By default, only 1 licensed user in your company/organization can access our Streamline Application or use all the vector sources. 

You can increase the number of licensed users through her Streamline application, on the Account > Subscription page.

These licensed users can prepare a selection of icons (up to 100) or illustrations (up to 50), forwarded to other employees. Other employees using this icon selection, like developers or designers, are not considered as licensed users, so there is no limitations on their number.

2- Licenses limitations

There is three limitations to the Standard Streamline license, that can be removed by the extended licenses:

❌ You cannot use more than 100 icons or 50 illustrations per project, website or application.

❌ By default, you cannot have more than 1 licensed user in your organization or company getting access to the Streamline Application or the vector sources. You can increase the number of licensed users through her Streamline application, on the Account > Subscription page.

❌ By default, you cannot download more than 100 vectors/day through our Streamline app. This limitation is to avoid abuse of people subscribing to just download all the content. But if you have a legitimate need to download more than 100 icons/day, please contact us to lift this limit.

3- Customers are allowed to:

  • Use the Streamline assets they included in their projects in perpetuity. There is no time limitation and no renewal fees needed. After you download our vector assets, you can keep them forever in your projects.
  • Use the vector assets in any location. There is no geographical limitations.
  • Modify assets in shape, size, color, and/or file/format.
  • Embed up to 100 icons or 50 illustrations per project (for example in a website, a Powerpoint presentation template, a graphic template).
  • Include assets in templates or work intended to be reproduced by third party (for example in a web design template, Powerpoint template), as long as you don't include more than 100 icons or 50 illustrations.
  • Embed icons as vector files, and in any file type (for example SVG, PNG, Figma or Sketch files)
  • Use in open source projects, as long as you use a maximum of 100 Streamline Icons or 50 illustrations and make clear in your license that these assets are still the property of Webalys LLC and can be used only in the context of the open source project.
  • Incorporate assets into a logo or other trademark.
  • Place icons or illustrations on physical items for resale or on any similar mass produced item, as long as the icon is not the main value of this product. The asset has to be part of a unique and creative design, and not the only graphic element that gives the visual value to the product.
  • Transfer the license to a new owner. For example you can transfer the license from a design agency to a customer after the artwork is created and hand over all icons or illustrations sources and license to the customer, or transfer the license from a company to another company that bought/acquire it. If you transfer the license to another company or organization, you cannot use the Streamline assets anymore, unless you buy a new license.

4- Customers are not allowed to:

  • Sell or redistribute our assets.
  • Modify their original design/artwork so as to render them unrecognizable from their original state with the goal to resell them.

5- Extended Vector License ⭐️

Buying this license remove the limitation of 100 icons or 50 illustrations per project/website/application. After purchase, you will be allowed to use more icons/illustrations in your projects, up to the number defined in the license that you have bought. This license is not available for use in templates that you resell. You must contact Webalys LLC to buy this extended license.

7- General Contract terms

Government law – Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the laws of the United States and the New Hampshire – USA, without regard to conflicts of laws principles. The federal and state courts located in New Hampshire shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from or relating to this agreement, and each party consents to such jurisdiction and venue.


If the Licensor discovers reason to believe the Customer or any of their Users has breached this agreement, the Licensor may terminate this agreement, restrict the Licensor's ability to download the Streamline icons or use the Streamline application. The Licensor will send notice to the e-mail address the Customer provided during the purchase after terminating this agreement or restricting access. These abilities do not limit the Licensor's ability to enforce this this agreement in other ways, such as by taking legal action.

Copyright guarantee

The licensor has all legal rights needed to license the Streamline Icons under this agreement, as all these icons were created from scratch by the licensor itself.

Limitation of Liability

If the Customer takes legal action against the Licensor related to Streamline Icons, the Customer's damages will be capped at the amount of fees the Customer actually paid the Company under this agreement.


All payments are to be done in U.S. dollar currency through the Streamline Icons website, Stripe payment request or wire transfer. As soon as a successful payment is established, an email shall be sent on your registered email with the download link for the purchased license and an access to the streamline application.

Did we miss something? Not to worry! Write to us and we'll get in touch shortly.